Tips to Build the Perfect Restaurant Manager Resume

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Be it serving the client the dish they specifically asked for or organizing a huge buffet for hundreds of people- a manager restaurant resume needs to have everything under control. In order to do that, you first need to convince them how you are going to do that. So here we are, with tips and tricks on building the best restaurant manager resume, so you can get started on making diners have the time of their lives.

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Restaurant general manager resume
Restaurant manager skills resume
Restaurant manager keywords resume
Restaurant manager resume examples
Restaurant manager resume objective
Assistant manager restaurant resume
Restaurant manager resume duties
Other things to remember

Restaurant general manager resume

Like any other job, a general manager restaurant resume needs to make its place in the world of fine dining. If you are wondering – ‘What should a restaurant manager put on resume?’, your search ends here.
Just like every other resume format, a resume for a restaurant general manager needs to include the following points:

  1. Name
  2. Contact details
  3. Resume objective
  4. Educational qualifications (in reverse chronological order)
  5. Professional experience (in reverse chronological order)
  6. Skills
  7. Certifications (if any)

Once you have the basic restaurant manager resume template in place, it is much easier to create a resume that fits it perfectly and highlights your profile in the best way possible.

Restaurant manager skills resume

A restaurant manager is the heart of a restaurant. Not to mention, that title carries a lot of responsibility with it. To carry those responsibilities, employers look for relevant restaurant manager resume skills to choose the best one. Here are some key skills that every person willing to build a career as a restaurant manager should possess.

  • Attention to detail
    Quite obviously, a resume restaurant manager needs to be as precise as possible to create the perfect restaurant manager resume fine dining experience for the customer. This precision ranges from the number of paper napkins on each table, to the timely delivery of food. A restaurant manager needs to have all of this under control.
  • Ability to multitask
    A burning sauce on one hand and a broken plate on the other- this is how messy a
    restaurant kitchen can be. While the restaurant manager makes sure that these issues do not affect the quality of food being prepared, she or he requires a great multitasking ability. They need to be able to control the staff, answer the chef’s questions, take feedback from the guests and maintain the quality of dining for the customer.
  • Basic mathematics and calculation
    In some places, the restaurant managers also handle the payment counter. While most of the billing is now done digitally, the manager needs to know basic mathematics and accounts to figure out if there is any mistake and to solve any issues that arise because of it.
  • Communication
    One of the top skills required in this profession, a restaurant manager needs to have impeccable communication skills. They are, after all, the bridge between the customers and the backstage. They convey customer problems to the management and the kitchen and take solutions back to the customer again.
  • Problem-solving
    Minor issues and problems are bound to arise in any workplace. But as an industry that deals with many customers every single day, a restaurant manager needs to be able to tackle any issues that come his or her way. Be it bad feedback from a customer, a mess in the kitchen, or internal staff politics- a manager needs to be able to effectively deal with all of it.
  • Customer service
    Coming back to the point of customer service, a restaurant manager needs to be able to communicate with the customer well and solve all of their issues. This makes the customer trust the restaurant more and increases customer loyalty. This way, they are more likely to choose the same restaurant for their future dining experiences.

Restaurant manager keywords resume

While building a resume for restaurant manager position in large organizations, you need to customize your resume to suit the job description. In such organizations, employers make use of smart recruitment tools that scan the huge pile of resumes that come in. These tools use specific words from the given job description and match it with the resumes available. It is these scanned resumes that make their way to the employers’ table for further selection.

While your resume may be outstanding and able to impress the human eyes, it may not resonate that well with a tool. Hence, it is important to include certain keywords that match the job description. While job descriptions for one job role differ across the globe, there are certain common keywords that you can use while creating your perfect restaurant manager resume:

  1. Communication
  2. Coordinate
  3. Described
  4. Managed
  5. Developed
  6. Engaged
  7. Offered
  8. Presented
  9. Resolved
  10. Simplified

Restaurant manager resume examples

Building an excellent resume sometimes requires great references. You can learn a great deal from others’ experiences. You can look at some restaurant manager resume sample and build your own by taking inspiration from them.

You can find some good restaurant manager resume example here.

Restaurant manager resume objective

While drafting the perfect resume, the resume objective for restaurant manager is one of the most crucial parts. An objective is one of the first things an employer looks for in the resume; hence, it is extremely important to make it highly compelling.

Your objective for restaurant manager resume is a short statement which represents you. It explains your professional journey, achievement and how you stand out from the rest. It portrays the values that you bring to the job. The best way to draft an objective is to think like the recruiter. Think about the job requirements and what is expected of you. When you figure this out, try to match your profile against the requirements and highlight the specific parts in your professional journey that match it. It is then that you can draft a compelling objective statement that highlights your qualities.

One such example of a compelling objective statement is:

A customer-oriented and enthusiastic individual looking to build a career as a Restaurant Manager with ABC restaurant. With 9 years of relevant experience in successfully improving team productivity and maximizing shareholder’s returns for the company.

You can find more such objective statements here.

Assistant manager restaurant resume

Assistant restaurant managers provide administrative support to senior managers and take after their job role in their absence.

Their roles and responsibilities include:

  1. Coordinating with General Manager for everyday restaurant operations manager resume
  2. Assisting staff members whenever required
  3. Assist the manager in providing excellent customer service
  4. Ensuring proper sanitation and hygiene standard throughout the restaurant premises
  5. Maintain and ensure compliance with the quality of food and standards of the restaurant
  6. Regular inspection to ensure all aspects of a restaurant are running smoothly

You can find some good examples of an assistant restaurant manager resume here.

Restaurant manager resume duties

  1. Coordinating daily operations
  2. Greeting and welcoming guests to the restaurant
  3. Checking with the kitchen to ensure all orders are served on time
  4. Checking stock of culinary and decorative items
  5. Attending to customer concerns and complaints
  6. Reviewing the menu periodically
  7. Ensuring compliance with sanitation and safety regulations of the restaurant
  8. Managing the reputation and suggesting ways to improve it
  9. Controlling operational costs
  10. Creating detailed reports on expenses and gains
  11. Training junior staff members
  12. Bridging the gap between management and staff
  13. Implementing policies and protocols to maintain operations

Other things to remember

Your role doesn’t end at just submitting your resume to your employer. It’s actually the first step When you apply for the role of a restaurant manager resume, there are a few things that you need
to consider.

1. Don’t give up
Getting a job in as competitive a world as ours is not a child’s play. It takes a lot of effort, time and patience to get the job you’ve been looking forward to so earnestly.

2. Don’t settle for less
Building on the previous point, do not have the “settle for less” mindset and take anything that comes your way. You can definitely land your dream job with the right effort and at the right time.

3. Be positive
Having talked about effort, remember, that the best things do not come easy. Be patient and keep working towards your goals. Strive to be the best you can be.

4. Be yourself
Often, in order to just land a job, people make up things about themselves that are not true at all. Remember, even if you land that job by lying, eventually, it’s you who’s going to be unhappy. When recruiters reject you for a job, it’s not because they think you are not enough; it’s just that you are not the right fit for that particular job. Always create an image that entirely resonates with who you really are. That’s the best way to go!

5. Keep your resume concise and straightforward
No one likes reading paragraphs over paragraphs about how you excelled at your school or job. When you write such long paragraphs, it not just makes your resume look excessively lengthy,
but also extremely boring. So while building your resume, you needn’t include everything you have ever done. All you need is to explain some parts of your journey in a crisp and catchy way.

6. Don’t use the same document everywhere
Every restaurant manager job description resume is unique, so should your resume. Make sure you tailor your resume as per the requirements of the job you are applying for. While your profile remains the same, tweaking your resume to make it job-specific is important.

7. File name and format
While you have your restaurant manager resume template word in the (.doc or .docx) format on your phone or laptop for easy editing, it is not recommended to send it to the employer in the same format. Remember to convert it to a pdf format before sending a digital version or taking a print out.

Sending a pdf format ensures no alignment errors and other responsiveness issues that come with different electronic devices. While printing out your resume, having it in pdf will ensure the right

File name is an element most commonly overlooked by candidates. However, it’s not the same with employers. Suppose you use a readymade restaurant manager resume template to build your
resume and forget to change the name, it may go to your employer as something like ‘Restaurant Manager Resume Template 02’. Not going to give a good impression, will it?

The best way to name your resume is like ‘Your Name- Resume’. Say your name is Bryan Adams, save your resume file as ‘Bryan Adams- Resume’. While sending out your resume in an email, write the subject line as ‘Bryan Adams Resume for the role of Restaurant Manager.

8. Print your resume
Building on the previous point, it is crucial to keep a hard copy of your resume at hand at all times. Read here to know more.

9. Proofread
You might think that it’s impossible to get your own name or address wrong, but you could be wrong here. Typos can be made anywhere, and autocorrect sometimes plays tricks on your document as well. This is why you should always proofread before sending or printing your resume. Yes, it might get a bit boring, but it’s worth the effort.

Now that we have talked about all the possible aspects of a restaurant manager resume, it is now time for you to start building yours and apply for your dream job!

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