10 great tips to build the most impressive Business Analyst Resume

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The primary role of a Business Analyst is to communicate with company stakeholders and to analyze the business processes, policies and systems. A business analyst resume plays a big role in the efficiency, profitability and productivity of an organization.

They are a part of the business operation and help improve the quality of the services being delivered and act as a liaison between the upper management and the technical team. They work in different industries like IT, finance, banking, insurance, etc. They are involved at various stages of the company and therefore, require an agile business analyst resume.

Here’s a quick overview of what you’ll learn in this article.

Business Analyst Resume Examples

Business Analyst Resume Samples

Entry-level Business Analyst Resume

Business System Analyst Resume

Business Intelligence Analyst Resume

Salesforce Business Analyst Resume

Business Analyst Resume Summary

Resume keywords for Business Analyst

Business Analyst Resume Objective

Business Analyst Cover Letter

Business Analyst Resume Examples

Here comes the tricky part: Your resume needs to have all the relevant information, but concise to such an extent that it all fits in one page, and leaves some white space as well!

The attitude of  “anything works” does not work with the role of a resume business analyst at all. This is because the job is complex and everything is detail-driven. You need to be able to portray your experience in words that are relevant to the job opening. The ability to compress the rich experience of many years into small sentences is necessary while making a resume.

While including the huge amount of information, you must also ensure that the resume is not overloaded with information. Leave some white space and give your resume some space to breathe. A paper full of information will not interest any reader. However, in order to give the resume breathing space, the best business analyst resume does not stretch the resume to 2 and 3 pages.

Looking for the perfect resume of a business analyst? Here’s the perfect guide to a business analyst resume builder.

Business Analyst Resume Samples

You might have moved mountains at your previous job, or increased the revenue by 90%- if you cannot put it on your resume for others to understand, it doesn’t count. The first step towards building a resume that grabs the eye of the recruiter is to use language that is easy to understand. Using too many technical terms might backfire and the recruiter might end up rejecting your resume. The best way to go about it is by looking at some business analyst sample resume and picking out the bits that fit your profile the best!

Here are some of the best business analyst resume sample that can help you build one for yourself.

Entry-level Business Analyst Resume

The role of a business analyst requires a lot of experience to succeed. Most companies prefer candidates with relevant market experiences for the job. But even the ones with experience started somewhere!

While applying for an entry-level role of a business analyst resume with no experience, you need to ensure that your resume focuses on the details that matter the most- your education and skills. While writing your resume, you need to focus more on what the employer expects from you.

Let’s start step by step while creating a business analyst entry level resume:

The role of a business analyst is to find problems and solve them. When your business analyst resume skills highlight your problem-solving skills, the recruiter is more likely to consider you for the job.

Your education determines how you think and act. If you have got the right educational qualification for the job, you have an upper edge over the other candidates. Most business analysts have a bachelor’s degree in business research, accounting, project coordination or a similar role. A master’s degree in Business Administration is preferred, but not mandatory.

When you highlight the best aspects of your profile, you are likely to be noticed even with no prior experience in the field.

If you are starting out your career, refer to this sample business analyst resume.

Business System Analyst Resume

What is the role of a Business System Analyst and how does it differ from that of a Business Analyst?

Although both the roles require dealing with the internal policies and processes of the company, the main job focus is where both the roles differ from each other.

When you consider a business analyst, their main focus is on business and the broader context of business objectives and functions. On the other hand, a systems analyst focuses more on creating specific systems within the organization, with a more technical approach.

A business systems analyst resume is in charge of a company’s computer systems and also develops technical expertise. The main points on the resume include:

  • Monitoring workflow
  • Developing technical strategies
  • Enhancing existing software technologies
  • Analytical thinking
  • Attention to details

These are some examples of the best Business Systems Analyst resume.

Business Intelligence Analyst Resume

A Business Intelligence Analyst works with big data processes, and business intelligence or insights. As technology takes over, businesses are largely driven by data. The role involves an understanding of traditional tools to understand business insights. These insights are then used to enhance business functions.

This is a guide for a good business intelligence analyst resume sample.

Salesforce Business Analyst Resume

Landing a Business Analyst role in Salesforce is not a joke. The average recruiter spends about 5 to 7 seconds looking at a resume, which means the candidate gets just 6 seconds to make a nice first impression. A single mistake or typo can have you disqualified in the first go.

While writing the resume, you need to think more of the person on the other end, than of yourself. How much time they’re going to spend looking at your resume and the kind of skills they are looking for.

Here are some basic points that you can cover in your business analyst resume to make it stand out from the rest.


The role of a business analyst includes a combination of technical and soft skills. Unlike purely technical skills that are learnt with training and practice, soft skills are acquired through experience and dealing with real-life situations. These are some business analyst skills for resume:

  • Verbal communication

Goof verbal communication skills are required for every high-functioning job profile. Since the job of a business analyst requires constant communication with the stakeholders and people in higher authority, they need to be able to communicate as effectively as possible.

  • Active listening

Taking down information is one of the business analyst skills resume. In order to understand the requirement and further communicate it to the team, listening actively and with concentration is very crucial. Absorbing information entirely and actively interpreting it is important to specify the requirements. A listener not just listens to what is being said, but also understands the objective and motive behind what is said. The non-verbal cues attached to what the speaker is saying like gestures, tone and hand movement is required to understand the message clearly.

  • Good interpretation

Active listening is not very fruitful if the information is not processed and interpreted properly by the listener. Sometimes, the information is presented with a lot of gaps which the listener needs to identify and fill up. Having incomplete information is a dangerous thing- it could cause problems in understanding the objectives, leading to skewed results.

  • Time management

Time management is a very crucial business analyst skill on resume. Scheduling the tasks as per their priority and ensuring commitment to them is the most fundamental task for a business analyst. Multitasking is an essential skill that helps to get quality work done on time. Saving time without compromising on commitments is one of the most important skills on a business analyst resume skills list.

  • Documentation

One of the business analyst technical skills resume is writing reports, plans and various other documents. One of the main points to remember while writing a report is to understand proper technical and communicative languages to write effectively.


This section is listed in the reverse chronological order, that is, your most recent educational qualification comes at the top. The main point to remember while writing this section is to not write a lot of unnecessary information. A maximum of 2 to 3 recent degrees are more than enough to comprise this section.

Work experience

Most candidates, while applying for the role of a business analyst, will have prior experience in the same role. In this case, highlighting the responsibilities of business analyst for resume is extremely important. Nonetheless, if you come from a different background, you need to be able to showcase your achievements and skillsets in the right way- for the recruiter to believe that you might be a good fit for the role despite having a different kind of experience.

The correct format for writing out the work experience is this:

Your role, Name of the Company

Duration you worked there for. For example, June 2019 to June 2020; or June 2019 to present (in case you haven’t quit).

A brief summary of your work and accomplishments (not more than 30 words)

These are some very common designations found on a business analyst resume:

  • Business Analyst
  • Senior Business Analyst
  • Associate Business Analyst
  • Junior Business Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • Consultant

Business Analyst Resume Summary

The summary is the first section of a resume, and it properly introduces your profile to the reader. It needs to be as short and to-the-point as possible, and hence, doesn’t need to include all the points mentioned in the resume- just the most important ones. While keeping it concise, you also need to bear in mind that it should not just be well-suited to the role you’re applying for, but also for the company you’re applying for! Be as specific as you can get.

Introduce your biggest accomplishments (in terms of numbers, of course), most relevant skills and your most recent educational qualification. Meanwhile, also think about who will be reading this resume:

If you’re applying to a big organization, chances are that your resume will be scanned through a tool first. To pass the initial screening, you need to include the most relevant business analyst resume keywords. You can find the list here.

But if you’re applying to a small company or a startup, a human being is most likely to lay their hands on your resume. In this case, you need to make it sound more personalized and humane.

There are times when the reader might skip this section altogether, so you shouldn’t include anything unique in the summary- anything that has not been included in the rest of the resume.

Here are some good business analyst resume summary examples.

Resume keywords for Business Analyst

For the recruitment tool to consider your resume and pass it on the next level in the hiring process, you need to include some of these important keywords for business analyst resume. These keywords are also referred to as action words for business analyst resume.

  • Financial Planning
  • Business Analysis
  • Planning and research
  • Business Systems
  • Resource Allocation
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Business Intelligence
  • Design Analysis
  • Strategic Planning
  • Inventory Distribution
  • Variance Analysis
  • Business Requirements

Business Analyst Resume Objective

One of the most asked questions while building a resume is- How is Resume Summary different from Resume Objective?

A resume summary gives a brief explanation of your educational qualifications, professional experience and achievements.

Resume objectives for business analyst, on the other hand, explain where you stand in terms of your career, where you aim to go and which relevant skills and values you bring to the job.

Here are some sample resume objectives for business analyst.

Business Analyst Cover Letter

A cover letter is an essential attachment with the best resume format for business analyst to cast the perfect first impression. Following a proper format to write the cover letter is extremely important.

Here is the perfect guide to writing the best cover letter for the role of a business analyst.

The best way to write the core competencies business analyst resume is to understand the job description and modify your skills and experience to match it. Remember, modifying does not mean manipulation. If you lie on your resume, manipulate the recruiter or bluff about your experience, you might lead yourself into legal trouble! Being honest about who you are is the best way to go!

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