How important is it to have a Resume Paper at hand at all times?

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Does resume paper make a difference?

If you are wondering the same thing, you are in the right place.

One of the most frequently asked questions by job seekers is-

What type of paper for resume is the most-suited?

But before we get into that, let’s answer this: If I am sending out the digital copies, is resume paper necessary?

Well, the answer is, yes! Yes, you do need to have to print your resume on resume paper.

In this document, you will learn about

What is resume paper?

Best resume paper

Resume paper weight

Resume paper by texture

Resume paper size

Resume Paper Walmart

Resume Paper Target

Amazon Resume Paper

What color should your resume paper be?

An applicant should always print their resume on paper that is best suited

What is resume paper?

A resume paper is designed especially to print resumes. But why is it so important to know what paper to print resume on?

The best paper to print resume on is the key to make the best first impression in front of the employer. A resume printed on a poor quality paper makes you look unprofessional and casual. The best paper for resume will show your professionalism and attention to detail. 

Best resume paper

As you look for the best resume paper to print your resume, one of the biggest dilemmas you’ll face is to choose between white resume paper or ivory resume paper.

If your resume has dark uniform colours with white text, it will look elegant and classy while printed on ivory resume paper.

Resume paper weight

Now that we’ve picked the best resume paper colour for your profile, now we need to understand the right weight of the paper.

Usually, there are 3 weight options: 20, 24 or 32 lb resume paper.

But resume paper weight 24 or 32? What weight paper for resume works the best?

24 lb is the right choice because it’s the whitest, brightest and the least show-through. It is also the firmest, hence, is the least likely to crumple while handling.

But does resume paper matter?

Yes it does. It is for the following reasons:

  • When you go for a job interview, when the employer asks you for your resume (even though they have a digital copy), you will be in a tough spot if you are not carrying a paper resume with you.
  • While accessing your digital resume, if there is a technical error with the system, the internet, or the attachment, your paper resume will come to your aid.

At a career fair, when you meet potential employers, the first thing they would like to see is your resume. Now if you decide to send them an electronic version, this will include a long conversation where you ask them for their email, you draft a proper and professional email, attach your resume to it and then hit send. But no one has that kind of time. Moreover, if your or their device or internet starts to act up, you need to have a backup.

Resume paper by texture

Most people are unaware of the different textures of a resume paper. But is it relevant? Yes!

These are the different types of resume paper.

  • Plain resume paper

Is it ok to print a resume on regular paper?

Yes. It is the most common paper texture and is always the best choice. It is made of 100% cotton resume paper, which adds some texture and softness to the plain paper. It is the standard and conventional choice and has very little chances of ink spells. But the major drawback of plain resume paper is that it is unoriginal- there’s nothing memorable about it, and it has no “premium” quality.

  • Parchment resume paper

This type of resume paper has the elegance of history. In the past, all the important documents like certificates, awards, notices, etc were printed and written on parchment paper. It is the elegant texture that might make your resume stand out from the rest.

A major drawback of parchment resume paper is that it looks slightly pretentious and requires a very good printer and ink. While some employers may get impressed with the elegance, others might look at it as a show-off. Moreover, if not printed properly, it might completely turn the tables. To conclude, it is not the safest option while printing out your resume.

  • Granite resume paper

A granite resume paper is a nice balance between simplicity and elegance. Moreover, it is an eco-friendly choice as it is usually made from recycled material. It is also suitable for all types of printers, making it more preferable than parchment resume paper. The major drawback for this paper is that it has a slightly darker color and paper texture than other resume papers, which makes light-coloured elements and shades not clearly visible.

  • Laid resume paper

Laid resume paper is manufactured using dandy roll to impress the chain lines pattern into the paper. It has detailed texture and looks unique to the eye. The only drawback? It requires a top-notch printer, which might not always be at hand. Not to mention the cost of resume printing paper on one of the most expensive paper texture types!

Amongst all the resume paper textures, laid is most likely to have printing errors, which appears too unprofessional and casual.

Resume paper size

What is the size of paper for resume?

The standard is 8 X 10 inches resume paper.

But unlike the different resume paper colours and textured resume paper, resume size is non-negotiable. 

If you think having a paper for resume on a non-standard size would make you stand apart from the rest, we have some bad news. There are things that are better kept simple and non-original, and your resume size is one of them.

Resume Paper Walmart

Now that we have answers on the resume paper color, texture and size of resume, the next question to answer is- where to buy resume paper?

Walmart has a wide range of resume papers in a wide range of price. You can browse through the different Walmart resume paper here.

Resume Paper Target

To buy your preferred resume paper, you can also visit For Target resume paper, visit this link.

Amazon Resume Paper

Amazon, too, has a wide range of resume papers for you to choose from. You can choose from here.

What color should your resume paper be?

Just like normal paper, resume paper also comes in a variety of colours. The ones most commonly used are ivory and white.


White is the best color resume paper, as it allows all the elements and text to be clearly visible. The colour makes your resume look crisp and standard, and it can be used across all jobs and industries.


A warm colour, the ivory paper gives your resume a timeless look and complements your high-quality paper. While it’s very appealing to the eye, you need to focus on the minor elements in your resume. Too many elements are difficult to transcribe in the color and might make your resume blotchy and messed up. 

An applicant should always print their résumé on paper that is best suited

While shopping for a resume paper, you need to consider these three aspects- the texture, the colour and the weight of the resume paper. Generally, resume paper is thicker than a normal paper but thinner than a cardstock paper.

One of the best brands to shop for resume paper is Southworth Resume Paper, Office Depot Resume Paper.

As much as the content of your resume matters while you are hunting for a job, the quality of your resume paper matters just as much. So be sure to pick just the right one for yourself!

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