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A production assistant is an entry-level job in a film or television production. A production assistant does anything and everything, from setting props to getting coffee to making script copies. They are the supporting pillars of a production unit.

They get the responsibility of doing tasks that the other crew members don’t want to, or are very hesitant doing. The plus side of their job is that they get to learn many aspects of the television/film production and get to meet and work with many popular and talented people of the industry.

While writing out a good production assistant resume, these are a few points you need to cover.

Production assistant resume examples

Production assistant resume sample

How do you list a production assistant on a resume

Production assistant resume no experience

Resume for production assistant film

Production Assistant Resume Reddit

Resume for Production Assistant Objective

Production Assistant Resume Tips

Production assistant resume examples

The job of a production assistant is extremely demanding. You are constantly on your toes, moving from one corner of the production set to another. You need constant determination and commitment to move up the ladder in the film industry. In order to do that, you need a powerful, impressive resume to convince your producer that you have what it takes. 

Now you must be wondering- What to put on resume for production assistant resume?

Your search ends here. We have compiled a list of the best production assistant resume for you to help you make the best one for yourself.

Production assistant resume sample

In order to curate an effective and impressive resume for a production assistant, these are the main points to be included.


Although no particular educational background is required to be a production assistant, a bachelor’s degree in any stream related to production, film, communication or design is preferred.


Production assistants may not require many technical skills, but their communication and behavioural skills need to be on point to be a good production assistant resume.

  • Saying Yes

Yes, this might sound silly, but it is a very important skill for a production assistant resume. They need to be able to do anything and everything that comes their way. This eventually helps them explore different areas and then decide their future career prospects. But this doesn’t mean that you need to take on more work than you can handle, and overburden yourself. Learning to say No when absolutely necessary is one added skill for a good production assistant resume.

  • Good listening skills

Since their role involves helping others out, it cannot be done without fully understanding what a person is trying to tell you. Additionally, in a busy industry as film and TV production, no one has enough time to repeat themselves, so you really need to be attentive all the time and understand instructions thoroughly.

  • Responsibility

There are high chances that once a task is allotted to you, the onus of getting it done lies entirely on you. In such a scenario, if you procrastinate and do not get the job done properly and on time, you will be easily replaceable.

  • Willingness to learn

Doing as much as you can is the key to learning more. Don’t restrict yourself to just a series of tasks every day. Reach out to people, learn, assist them, and take responsibility for the tasks allotted to you. Offering to help people out when you can is one of the greatest ways to come in good books and learn more.

  • Patience

If you keep doing your job religiously, take the onus and are proactive, but still feel disappointed for not being recognized; hold in there. Good things are always noticed and appreciated.


Incorporate the following keywords or action words into your resume. These give your resume some weightage and help you get noticed by the reader.

  • Arranged
  • Multi-tasker
  • Prepared
  • Organized
  • Production
  • Management
  • Quality
  • Communication

Here is a sample production assistant resume to help you make note of the important points.

How do you list a production assistant on a resume?

This is the format you need to follow while writing the best production assistant resume.

  • Your name
  • Contact details
  • Objective
  • Summary
  • Professional experience (in reverse chronological order)
  • Educational qualification (in reverse chronological order)
  • Skills
  • Awards/ Achievements/ Certifications/ Volunteering

Read more about the additional points you can include in the production assistant job resume.

Production assistant resume no experience

If you are an entry-level production assistant resume no experience, the lack of experience shouldn’t hold you back from writing a great resume. Every experienced person started somewhere, right?

To build an entry-level production assistant resume, focus on your soft skills. educational background, your achievements in or out of your educational institutions. If you were the Secretary of the drama club at your college, include that in your resume and explain the key takeaways you got. Include every skill that you’ve learnt over the years and is relevant to the industry you are applying to work in.

Here is a good production assistant resume template for you to build your resume on.

Resume for production assistant film

Producers in the film industry can easily understand if you’ll be able to do the job or not, with a quick glance at your resume.hence, it is important to mention something worth looking at. The points in your resume should be very specific to the film industry. When you match your skills with the job requirements and highlight the skills that make you the perfect fit for the role, you are more likely to be considered for the job.

For a film production assistant resume, the main points to be highlighted are their administrative, organizational and multitasking skills. A resume for film production resume needs to show excellent organizational skills, communication skills, dealing with accounts, preparing paperwork and getting small tasks done for an easier functioning of the unit.

These are some sample resume for film production assistant.

Production Assistant Resume Reddit

As many people on Reddit believe, with a good resume, a cover letter is also an important step in your job search journey.  In your cover letter, you must include the exceptional references and your most relevant educational qualifications. Here are some tips to help you write a better cover letter to attach with resume of a production assistant.

Try to summarize why you are a great fit for this specific role in a few sentences. Explain what about the production assistant job description resume attracted you to apply for the job, and how you feel you are the best fit for the role.

In a couple of sentences, connect your previous experience (professional or academic) with the production assistant resume description given. Avoid repeating the points mentioned in your resume already.

Close the letter by thanking the employer for their time to read the letter.

Here is an example of the right cover letter for a production assistant role.

Resume for Production Assistant Objective

The resume objective is the one area where you need to spike the readers’ interest through. If you get this part right, then the reader will be keen on reading more. It must strongly convey that you are the right fit for the job and that your career interests align in the same direction. Consider this objective as an example:

“A dedicated and committed production assistant with a degree in media studies and 3 years of relevant experience in various areas of TV production.”

The two major words that describe this individual are placed at the very beginning of the sentence to show how they are in a professional setting. Following it up with the educational background gives some clarity on his familiarity with the industry. To close the statement, the individual has added their relevant experience in the same field. This assures the reader that the candidate is not a novice, and is very well-versed with the same industry.

Read more production assistant resume objective samples here.

Production Assistant Resume Tips

No two days in the life of a production assistant look the same. They have a different role to perform every day. In such a dynamic job, how does one do well? Worry not, here are some tips to ace your production assistant job.

  • Communicate

Yes, you heard that right. If you do not communicate the questions you have, the problems you are facing, or any suggestions you have to make task easier and better, you are missing out on a lot of learning. Asking questions from people who are constantly busy can be a tough task, and you might feel like your suggestions don’t really matter. But go for it. That’s the only way to grow in the field.

  • Be present

Not just physically, be mentally present at the same place. This means, concentrate on what’s being said to you, what’s happening in the surroundings and how you can learn from everything going on. When you stay between a group of talented people from the industry, having the presence of mind is the best way to learn.

  • Think ahead

When you’ve been in your job for a couple of days, weeks or even months, start to notice the pattern in which things progress. While paying attention to what’s happening in the present is an important skill, thinking and planning ahead might save you from some extra trouble. Understand the repercussions of the tasks you are performing instead of just doing them for the sake of it.

  • Be on time

To keep everything ready for the shoot to start happening, you need to always be on time and be properly organized. When you have the responsibility of getting something done, others’ time is also on stake. If you don’t take your work seriously, it will affect the productivity of the whole unit, and you might be replaced soon.

  • Observe

Might sound a bit far-fetched, but it is the best way human beings learn. Observe what’s happening around you, the kind of problems that arise on the set and how they are dealt with. These will not just help you be more vigilant at your job, but also learn some additional skills.

Some people say that production assistants have the hardest job on set, and they are not entirely wrong. Taking care of every small detail in the production process is a huge responsibility to take up. If you fit the bill, get started in creating the best resume to highlight your skills and get set go!

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