Top 7 things you need to know about Product Manager Resume

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A product manager is often called the ‘CEO of the product’. A product manager leads a cross-functional team and guides the success of a product. The role is best suited for a company in the technology sector. They strategize and create a road map for the successful execution of a product. More often than not, senior technical product manager resume needs to do a thorough market analysis to understand the dynamic market conditions and lay out a basic structure based on that study.

Product management is a popular career since it has no specific education requirements. The best product manager resume talks about relevant work experience and skills. While someone is selected to be a new product development manager resume, they are given proper training and mentorship to help them understand the company better and also work according to the work culture. 

In this article, you will read about:

What every resume must include

Product Manager Resume Examples

Product Manager Resume Sample

Product Manager Resume Keywords

Entry-level Product Manager Resume

Associate Product Manager Resume

Product Marketing Manager Resume

What every resume must include

Contact Information

This forms the top part of a resume for product manager so it’s easier for recruiters to contact you. As per the basic human tendency goes, we act upon the information most easily available to us. If the recruiter can’t spot your contact information most easily, there are high chances that they might not contact you at all.

Past relevant work experience

Work experience must always be listed in the reverse chronological order. Your most recent job comes at the top of your product manager resume format and the oldest one comes at the bottom. Remember to sum up your work experience in a couple of lines right below the job role, for the recruiters to understand your profile better.

Always remember the golden rule: While applying for a job, always send out your product manager resume in file type: pdf.


Just like the work experience section, the education segment is also written in the reverse chronological order where your most recent education is listed at the top and so forth.


These are some product manager resume skills resume that are very important:

  1. Understanding of Data

A basic understanding to read and interpret data is one of the most important skills to have for a technical product manager resume. This is because SaaS-based products include a huge volume of data. While some product managers rely on their gut and instincts to make important product based decisions, that might backfire seriously. Hence it’s important to understand the data and make an educated decision to ensure a smooth execution process.

2. Industry Insights

A core product management skill is to understand the market and industry trends and be able to modify your processes based on the changing market conditions. Product managers need to understand the best industry use cases and take continuous customer feedback to find the perfect market fit product.

3. Strategic Thinking

If there is no strategy, the process will go haywire, and so will the final product. Being in charge of the teams and the process, a product manager needs to be very strategic while defining the vision and working towards it systematically. The umbrella of strategic thinking involves good forecasting, critical, problem-solving and logical thinking skills- all of which lead to an efficient process and productive work culture.

4. Business sense

They don’t need to have a business degree or extensive expertise in core-business. But basic business knowledge is important to be aware of the company and market processes. Knowing about the market conditions, in addition to knowing the in and out of the product helps a product manager understand the impact the situation might have on the product.

5. Communication skills

To manage a cross-functional team and be the spokesperson for the product, a product manager needs to have excellent communication skills. Any kind of miscommunication or a lack of communication might pose an obstruction in the company processes.

6. Interpersonal skills

Since a product manager deals with a wide variety of people (inside and outside) the company, they need to have excellent interpersonal skills to make professional rapport and good connections.

7. Leadership skills

Goes without saying, in order to manage a huge team comprised of people from various backgrounds, a good product manager needs to have good leadership skills and have a rapport with their team in order to make the work flow efficient.

Product Manager Resume Examples

The best product manager resume template is the one which includes a proper format. Using a layout that emphasizes your work experience, highlights your skills and education and summarizes your potential in a clear and crisp paragraph.

You can find a good product manager resume format that will help you build a resume that instantly catches the eye of the recruiter.

As you go through the different product manager resume example, you will realize that every individual builds their resume in a different way. The best product manager sample resume is the one that highlights who you are and why you are the best fit for the job opening.

Product Manager Resume Sample

A good product manager resume objective contains the number of years of experience you have, and your skills and experience listed out in a very subtle manner, so it doesn’t look like you’re boasting or talking too highly of yourself. The resume objective should talk for itself, so the employer can understand your skills at one glance. Here is a link to help you understand the types of sample product manager resume. 

To ensure that you resume passes through the recruitment software, take a close look at the job description, and use the exact phrases that are used to describe the responsibilities of the role. When you use the same phrases, summary and skills, you are more likely to be called for a round of interview, increasing your chances of landing the job.

While writing a good product manager summary resume, you must keep in mind to summarize all the points mentioned earlier into a very small paragraph. Since recruiters do not have a lot of time to read through each and every line of your resume, you can make it easier for them by narrowing it down into one paragraph. There are certain important things to be considered while writing a product manager resume summary:

Keep it clear and concise– the entire point of writing a summary is to give a very brief gist of your entire profile. Keeping the summary as short as possible is the key to getting noticed by the recruiters.

Use proper English– avoid using millennial lingo, SMS language and acronyms while writing any part of a product manager resume. This might not be understood by the one scanning your resume and may end up in you being rejected for the job.

Be specific– to keep the summary crisp, include only the most relevant sections of your resume. Going on and on about your hobbies and other interests is not necessary for a summary.

A good product manager resume objective contains the number of years of experience you have, and your skills and experience listed out in a very subtle manner, so it doesn’t look like you’re boasting or talking too highly of yourself. The resume objective should talk for itself, so the employer can understand your skills at one glance.

Product Manager Resume Keywords

In bigger companies where the number of applications is huge, the recruiters use software to sort through resumes and choose the ones they think are best suited for their company. The software uses keywords to distinguish between good and bad resumes. Hence, it is important to include these keywords for product manager resume for the tool to select your resume. These are the keywords that you should include in your product manager resume: 

  • Built a product roadmap
  • Created product personas
  • Developed a product vision and strategy
  • Gathered UX feedback from users
  • Provided feedback to the design team
  • Designed initial wireframes
  • Negotiated timelines with Lead Engineer
  • Built front-end/back-end features for XYZ app
  • Provided feedback on copywriting
  • Created value props with the marketing team
  • Summarized data findings
  • Set key success metrics
  • Performed analysis on large datasets
  • Lead a team
  • Took an initiative
  • Set a vision
  • Managed a project
  • Wrote product requirement documents
  • Ran product meetings/reviews
  • Organized an event
  • Improved efficiency

Entry-level Product Manager Resume

While having relevant work experience is important while considering a candidate for a job, what are the criteria in selecting an entry-level product manager resume?

When you don’t have the required work experience or any outstanding achievements to showcase on your resume because you are just starting your career, you can highlight your education and your skills. The best entry-level product development manager resume highlights the skills you possess and are most relevant to the given job role, you are much more likely to be considered for the position of a fresher. Here are some free entry-level product manager resume samples.

Associate Product Manager Resume

An associate product manager reports to a senior product manager and is involved in developing products, creating road maps and providing assistance to the cross-functional teams. They need to have a wide range of skills in order to be able to communicate better with the execution team, as well as those in the top management. They need technical expertise, communication skills, business aptitude, analytical thinking and problem-solving skills. The best resume design for an associate product manager resume has lesser number of skills and work experience, senior product manager resume examples have a wide variety of skills (technical and non-technical) and a rich work experience. Here is a brilliant example of an associate product manager resume.

Product Marketing Manager Resume

A product marketing manager resume is responsible for developing effective marketing strategies, conveys ideas to the team and checks on the progress. Additionally, they market new products and communicate their features to potential customers. They create a communication sequence to increase sales for the company. Here are some skills that recruiters look for in a product marketing manager resume:

  • Demonstrated skills in marketing new products and generating sales leads.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Thorough understanding of the company products and functioning
  • Ability to lead a team

A Sr product marketing manager resume researches and creates a market segmentation to place the product amidst the right audience. Then, a detailed plan is created to improve sales and making it reach potential customers. They represent the company at all times, hence, they need to be on their best behaviour and have excellent communication skills and professional ethics. They also lead various teams like product, sales, design, etc, to design and implement strategies and craft compelling messages to be put out on the right social media channels and advertising platforms. They not just sell products, but are also an integral part of the designing, planning and strategizing stage and contribute heavily to the success of the company. Here are some best product marketing manager resume examples.

When you google ‘product manager resume’, you are most likely to get a hundred samples and templates. It’s upon you to decide the one most appropriate to you. In the end, it is your resume and it’s your duty to frame it the best way you want.

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