8 Things you need to know about building the perfect Barista Resume

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Dealing with people before they’ve had their first cup of coffee on a Monday morning, and having a happy chit chat with customers when they enjoy their coffee on a Friday evening- these are the unspoken job requirements of a barista. Learning about new coffee beans, the roasting process and the tasting session- everything is incomplete without a Barista. 

More than education and experience, it is a Barista’s skills and personality traits that make them great at their job. Have you decided that you fit the bill and want to be a Barista? Here is all the resume info you need!

In this article, you will learn:

Barista Resume Skills

Barista Job Description Resume

Starbucks Barista Resume

Barista Resume Example

Barista Resume Summary

Barista Resume Sample

Barista Resume Objective

Barista Job Duties

Barista Resume Skills

Listing your strengths is a very important section. This helps the recruiter understand your potential and how you will be a valuable asset. However, you must never copy-paste any random set of skills from a barista resume you found on the internet, or use the same skills while sending out your resume for different jobs. You should research the job description and identify qualities that are mandatory for that job role. While writing your skills, you need to be very careful and smart. These barista resume skills can determine if you get selected for the interview round. Some of the best Barista skills resume are customer service, friendly, organization skills, positive attitude, dependable and accountable. These are some of the skills to put in a resume for barista:

Barista resume customer service

Any service that includes regular client interaction requires this skill. Being friendly and approachable is non-negotiable being a barista, the job requires the person to represent the company in the best way possible. Mentioning this skill while making a barista will surely get you noticed.


Being the face of the company, Barista responsibility on a resume is huge. Your behaviour can make or break a customer’s loyalty to the restaurant/outlet. If you can be trusted to come on time, serve everyone well, and be honest, you will be a valuable asset.

Learning ability

Since every restaurant or outlet abides by different rules to serve their customers, there is no one-size-fits-all rule that you can learn and expect to be great at what you do. You need to constantly learn and evolve to understand the rules of different places you are working at.


While working in a team, it is important to understand the value of teamwork. A good barista needs to be comfortable working closely with others in order to ensure smooth functioning. Coordinating with the chefs, or fellow members of the staff, if you learn how to play it well, you are very much likely to climb the ladder of your success very quickly.


Being a barista, you might also be required to handle the front counter many times. If selling will be a part of your job, you need to be prepared for it. If it shows on your resume, you are more likely to be considered.

Cash management

Some barista jobs require handling the register and the cash counter. If you are someone who is good with cash and can track every penny coming in and going out, your resume will be given a closer look by the recruiter.

Verbal communication

While communicating with your customers and team members, it is very important to understand others’ thoughts and also communicate your thoughts to others.

Attention to detail

The Food and Beverage sector involves close attention to details and cleanliness. When you mention that you can demonstrate exceptional skills when it comes to going that extra mile to keep equipment and surfaces clean and hygienic, you will grow in your career.


When a customer loses their calm at you or shouts at you, being in the service industry, it is important to maintain your calm to solve the problem. Losing your temper over a customer will not just cost the company its reputation, but might also cost you your job.

Speed and efficiency

Working in the food and beverage sector is a high paced job. An expert barista takes the order, prepares, serves, cleans and does much more! Multitasking is an essential skill required in the sector. If this comes naturally to you, and you can pull this off with minimum effort, you will be great at your job.

Barista Job Description Resume

  • Preparing hot or cold beverages and food items.
  • Clean and sanitize work areas, counter, utensils, equipment, and customer tables.
  • Clean serving and sitting areas.
  • Describe menu items to customers and recommending food items or beverages as per their taste.
  • Order, receive and stock supplies.
  • Take customer orders and convey them to the kitchen staff.
  • Serve food items and beverages.
  • Preparing invoices.
  • Receive customer payments.
  • Take out the garbage.
  • Wrap and label takeaway orders.

Here is a typical barista job description:

We are looking for an engaging, courteous Barista who is passionate about food and beverage preparation and service. The Barista will greet customers, answer their questions, take orders, serve, accept payments, prepare food and drinks for eating in and takeaway. The barista will also maintain a clean and hygienic workplace and dining area and continuously strive to improve customer satisfaction. They should be positive, friendly, polite, and be great at communication.

To be able to be a top candidate for this role, you need to communicate the following:

Functional skills

  • Welcomes customers by determining their coffee and food interests and needs.
  • Educated customers by presenting and explaining the menu and answering questions.
  • Prepares and sells beverages and food items as per customer orders.
  • Generates revenue by attracting new customers.
  • Keeps equipment functional through regular use and servicing.
  • Improves quality results by redesigning and implementing changes.
  • Maintains a healthy and safe work environment as per the hygiene standards.

Other Skills

  • Listening
  • Verbal communication
  • Customer focus
  • Customer service
  • Hygienic service
  • Organizational skills
  • Multi-tasking
  • Sharp memory
  • Understanding customer demands
  • Client relationships

Relevant Barista and Educational experience

  • High school, graduate, diploma or equivalent degree
  • Prior cafe or coffee shop experience preferred
  • Familiarity with the kitchen and order machinery

You can find more job descriptions here.

Starbucks Barista Resume

While the job role of a Barista remains consistent across all outlets, Starbucks barista on a resume looks for some exceptional qualities in their Barista. Here is how the Starbucks Barista job description resume looks like:

Starbucks baristas perform several job duties and provide customer service. They also operate cash registers and machines. They may file customer complaints and questions and take steps to resolve them. They may clean working areas, restaurant areas, restrooms and preparation areas.

You can find some sample Starbucks barista resume sample here.

Barista Resume Example

How to write your Barista resume?

There are too many resumes for barista on the internet, so it’s best to have a look at the best ones to get inspiration for your own. After you look at all the resumes, sort out the ones you think are best suited to the job you want to apply for. After shortlisting these resumes, scan through them and take the best parts out of all. Compile all the best parts into one and make your own. Remember to customize it as per your own skills and the job you are applying for.

You can find some great Barista resume examples for free here.

Barista Resume Summary

A summary is the first thing recruiters look for in a resume. The summary section not just gives you the liberty to summarize your entire resume, but also shows the recruiter what you are looking to build a career in. Including a bad summary in your resume is better than not including a summary at all. The summary needs to be about 2-3 sentences long and needs to be placed at the top of the resume, right after the contact information.

What summary to put on resume for barista?

“Detail-oriented and dedicated Barista successful at delivering high-quality customer service while preparing and serving various beverages from around the world. Possess comprehensive knowledge of beer, wine, and liquor, highly professional appearance, and excellent communication skills. Yves is currently looking for a Barista position with a forward-moving bar/restaurant.”

Here are some of the best Barista resume examples.

Barista Resume Sample

A good barista resume is not just someone who can make great coffee, but can also do much more than that! They should have the ability to interact with customers every day before they’ve had their morning coffee (which is a pretty difficult task)! Baristas are no longer confined to espresso machines and kitchens. They engage in regular client interaction and have become the face of the restaurant/outlet. This is why companies are extra careful while hiring a resume Barista.

Here are some examples of resume barista that will help you make the best first impression.

Barista Resume Objective

How do you write an objective barista resume?

Writing an objective for Barista resume is not a very difficult task. All you need to do is study the job description and understand the roles, skills and experience required by the job. With the knowledge of the job expectations, you will be able to draft a well-suited resume objective. Since recruiters do not have enough time to go through the entire resume, they can gain an insight into your profile just by reading your resume objective. By writing a powerful objective, you can increase your chances of getting to the interview round.

An impactful barista job resume objective looks something like this:

“Looking to earn the position of Barista with Coffee King Company where solid knowledge of food and drink preparation, exceptional guest experience, and a team spirit to help the organization reach its sales goals will be utilized.”

“Customer-focused, dependable, sociable recent graduate seeking an entry-level Barista position at MoHitz Town Café, coming with a friendly personality and the ability to learn fast.”

These are some of the best examples of Barista resume objectives.

Barista Job Duties

These are some barista job duties for resume under different circumstances:

At a small shop:

  • Opening the store
  • Taking orders
  • Preparing coffee and snacks
  • Cleaning work areas
  • Keeping track of inventory
  • Closing the store

While you are on-the-job, you may learn new things like:

  • Customer interaction
  • Creative liberty with the foods and coffee you handle
  • Handling the cash register

A senior-level barista:

  • Understanding the different types of coffee
  • Understanding the roasting process
  • Handling customer grievances
  • Creating a customised drink
  • Recommending food and drink to the customer as per their preference

As a barista, your job role is very important in your workplace. You are the first point of contact for the customers, which means that you need to be at your best professional behaviour at all times.

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