Points to keep in mind while building the perfect Executive Assistant Resume

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An excellent executive assistant resume consists of various factors like contact details, educational qualifications, job experience, key skills and awards and achievements. The job experience area needs to thoroughly cover each and every aspect of the job and how the individual put her/his skills to proper use and helped the organization flourish. Though the reference section is not mandatory in the resume, it can be provided if requested for. The reference section is a strong point which can make or break the deal.

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Executive Assistant Resume Objective

The Best Summary for Executive Assistant Resume

Executive Assistant Resume Skills: In bullet points

Executive Assistant Resume Template

Executive Assistant Resume Sample

Executive Assistant Accomplishments

Executive Assistant Resume Examples

Executive Assistant Resume Samples 2020

Senior Executive Assistant Resume

Executive Assistant Resume Objective

Executive assistants work in all sectors across various industries. They provide all kinds of support and handle important tasks at the executive employee level. Be it an entry-level executive assistant resume, or a senior executive assistant resume, they play an important role in every organization.

While applying for the job, they need to create a top executive assistant resume in order to win the heart of the employer. The most important thing they need to consider while doing this is the objectives for executive assistant resume.

A confident objective statement at the beginning of a resume highlights your skills, knowledge, strengths and leadership qualities. However, this objective statement must be crisp, concise and relevant to the job role.

Responsibilities of those working in an executive assistant role are very broad, important and complex. Hence, their resume should reflect their ability to take on such an important and demanding role. When you include hard and soft skills in your objective statement properly, it shows you as the best person for the job. These are some of the best skills to include in the summary:

  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to multitask
  • Highly organized
  • Expertise in data entry
  • Comfortable working in a high paced environment
  • Proficient with technology
  • Working knowledge of Adobe Suite and Microsoft Office Suite

To get a better idea, here are some executive assistant resume objective samples free of cost that you can use to make your resume stand out.

The Best Summary for Executive Assistant Resume

While an objective statement is a quick overview of your strengths and ambition, a profile or summary for executive assistant resume gives a more in-depth view of the skills and experiences you have that make you different from the others and the best candidate for the job.

The best summary for executive assistant resume includes all the relevant skills and personality traits a candidate has and what they demonstrate about her/him. A brief write-up of how you managed to ger past a crisis or solve a big business issue using your skills is a great base for a summary. This summary should be along the same lines as the objective, just an elaborate version of it, but no longer than 4-6 lines. Executive assistant resume summary of qualifications is written in a paragraph form, in the first person-voice, not the third-person.

You can find some of the best executive assistant resume summary samples here.

Executive Assistant Resume Skills : in bullet points

Time management

One of the most important skills in an executive assistant resume is the ability to manage time and multitask. Prioritizing between the various tasks, and getting them all done well in time are the skills all executive assistants need to possess and include in their resume.


Communication is the most important aspect of the job of an executive assistant, where they need to communicate with supervisors, CEOs, team members and clients on a regular basis. Having impeccable communication skills help them understand the client requirements better and deliver as per expectations.


Technical skills like the knowledge of software and applications are very important in the job of an executive assistant. They need to deliver reports, enter and analyze data and keep client information intact and confidential. These tasks require a thorough understanding of technology and software.

Critical thinking

Since they deal with the client directly, an executive assistant needs to be very critical, in order to understand the client requirement and also put forward their own point in front of the client. This skill helps them set goals, and develop strategies to achieve them well in time.


While managing a team, executive assistants need to have problem-solving skills. They need to handle multiple projects and tasks, manage teams, schedule meetings and interact with the clients- these tasks are very critical, and therefore they need to be prepared to fix anything that might go wrong.


Staying organized is a very critical aspect of an executive assistant’s resume and job role. They need to be able to prioritize their work and delegate work accordingly. Since they have tight deadlines and busy schedules, executive assistants need to be very organized about what they do and how they do it.


Managing teams, interacting with the top management and clients require interpersonal skills which is important for an executive assistant resume. They need to be able to communicate well, understand others and also put forward their own points. They need to be good leaders for the team to work properly and also be a good friend to the other staff members to maintain interpersonal relationships.


They need to be able to understand how to network with others in the industry, in order to make professional connections. They need to reach out to the leads to convert them into clients for the company. This role falls under sales executive assistant resume.

Strategic planning

Being very strategic at what they do, they need to ensure that work is getting done properly and on time. They are responsible for ideating, developing and executing projects which require constant vigilance and careful planning. They need to be able to pay attention to details and understand each and every part of the project to deliver it well.


Taking calls, report making, data entry, communication between different departments, organize and manage executive operations are some of the administrative tasks that an executive assistant is required to perform.

Executive Assistant Resume Template

To write an effective executive assistant resume, there is a certain template that needs to be followed. It is as follows:

  • Design

The design aspect needs to cater to the industry. The colours used should be cool and not too vibrant and stark. Design software should be used to create a perfect executive assistant resume sample.

  • Photo

A perfect executive assistant resume sample does not include a photo in it.

  • Skills

Skills are the most important aspect of an executive assistant resume since they give an insight into the candidate’s professional behaviour.

  • Mandatory sections

Contact details, objective, summary, educational qualifications, professional training, work experience and skills are the mandatory sections that make the best executive assistant resume.

  • Voluntary sections

Personal interests, volunteering work, events organized, and languages spoken are the fields that should be included only if the resume is not too much stretched. A short, crisp and concise resume is what every employer wants to look at.

  • Length

The length of the perfect executive assistant resume should not be more than 1 X letter page, which is approximately 8.5” X 11”. 

Executive Assistant Resume Sample

A powerful resume speaks before the person does. Since the resume is the first thing an employer sees about the candidate, it is like that first impression that is hard to forget. Resumes give an insight into the person’s professional as well as personal life and help the employer to better understand if the candidate will be well-suited for the job opening. 

You can click here to find some great examples of an excellent executive assistant resume that will help you cast a great first impression.

Executive Assistant Accomplishments

Accomplishments are one aspect of the executive assistant resume that sometimes gets merged with work experience. However, if the candidate has any additional accomplishments, this section helps the resume to stand out from the rest. These accomplishments can include the following:

  • Roles fulfilled outside of job responsibilities: Any role that the candidate carries out at her/his job out of pure interest and dedication. These roles and responsibilities may not be a part of the regular job functions of the candidate. This shows that s/he is willing to go above and beyond and contribute to the company’s success, which is what every employer looks for in an ideal candidate.
  • Volunteering: Any volunteering service includes giving back to society without any financial or non-financial gains in return. This is only performed for internal satisfaction and gratification that comes with helping others. Any volunteering work performed by the candidate gives the employer an impression that s/he cares for the society and fellow creatures on the planet. This suggests selflessness, which makes the candidate a perfect fit for the role of an executive assistant resume. 

Executive Assistant Resume Examples

Learning from tips and pointers can be very difficult. So, we have found some of the best free sample executive assistant resumes to help you understand the template, various sections and the flow of the resume better in order to make a great one for yourself. You can refer to anyone of these free executive assistant resume samples, or use a combination to make your own sample of executive assistant resume.

You can click here to see these examples.

Executive Assistant Resume Samples 2020

Highlighting skills in an executive assistant resume is important to be considered for the role. When these skills fit the job role perfectly, you are more likely to be among the first candidates who make the cut and get to interview at your dream organization. Understand how your skills match up to the job description and state them explicitly and confidently. Ensure to attach as many relevant skills as possible, to make your executive assistant resume weigh a bit more than the others.

Additionally, enclosing a cover letter is a smart move to potential employers how your skills helped your last organization achieve its goals. If you can show how your skills had quantifiable results, a cover letter is the best place to showcase that. Numbers always have more impact than words. And in a world like ours, where we don’t have enough time for anything, simplifying it for your employer will not just make her/his job easier, but will also help you stand in a different light in their perception forever.

Senior Executive Assistant Resume

As the job role suggests, the role of a senior executive assistant goes much beyond the one at the initial level. A senior executive assistant needs to coordinate schedules, ensuring that meetings, deadlines, presentations and other tasks are carried out smoothly and well within time.

Some senior executive assistant resume samples include their skills to multitask and organize. The major difference between a senior executive assistant resume and c level executive assistant resume sample is that the former has more job experience and a higher educational qualification (preferred). This is to understand their expertise in the field and decide if they are well-suited for the job. Here are some senior executive assistant resume samples free of cost to help you.

Having the perfect executive assistant resume for your future jobs is just a few clicks away. Be confident of your skills, and put them across in a way that attracts the eyes of the employer.

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